Only the best students in the world make it to the best graduate and business schools. An undeniable fact which makes the winning difference is the admission guidance they receive. Gaining admission to the premier schools which students globally aspire for is not an easy task. This seemingly tall order can be fulfilled and the ultimate achieved-if you have the right friend, philosopher and guide. This is exactly where ‘Euroworld‘ steps in.

Graduate, business, Engineering and medical schools have a continuously expanding pool of applicants to choose from, as more students than ever before apply for the edge of a top-notch study experience. Even amazing academic achievements, superb test scores, impressive resumes and the most focused efforts are sometimes not enough. What is required is the right approach, counseling and customized attention.
There is a growing contingent of students studying at the best schools around the globe who will testify to the veracity of the name -Euroworld. We, Educational consultants in Nepal, offer a bouquet of services which begin right from the time when a student first decides to venture into the echelons of higher learning to finally getting him in the school of his choice. We don the mantle of admission consultants, essay editors, resume counselors and admission guides. But we are much more than just these services providers.

Our, educational consultants, team of thorough professionals pay minute and individualized attention to every student as we believe each student is unique with his/her own background, strengths, requirements and ambitions. Although the astounding success rates which Access has been posting every year attest to the high levels of professionalism, our students are not just statistics or cases to us. At Euroworld, we work as committed facilitators who build bridges between aspirations and achievements.

Our strengths are proven and varied:

  • A decade of experience as education specialists.
  • Individualized attention and approach for each student.
  • Updated and bleeding edge knowledge about constantly changing admission criteria, we know exactly what each admission committee seeks. This vital information is garnered through various sources like university websites, former alumnus, admission news and bulletins etc.
  • A wide network of students who have availed of Access services to gain admission to top-rated universities and help each year with fresh applications.
  • Each student is hand-held and constantly counseled throughout the entire process. Euroworld, the assembly line admission approach is not an option.
  • Commitment and not business sense rules at Euroworld, we want you to study at the best school you wish for and your aspiration is our promise.
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That is why, right from preparing you for TOEFL,GMAT, SAT, GRE, Engineering and MS to polishing and writing essay, to hand-holding you through the labyrinth of the admission process to visa counseling and trying for maximum scholarships and fee waiver possible, we take a personal interest and vow to help you enter the portals of the school you aspire for. Every student gets customized guidance and exclusive attention. This is the reason why inspite of almost no formal advertising, Euroworld has still been able to make a place for itself in hearts and mind space of numbers of satisfied students. We believe our students ate not clients but our goodwill ambassadors and this spirit of cooperation and commitment is all-pervading at Euroworld Education & Migration Consultants.